Monday, December 17, 2018

LPG Products

Bulk LPG

Bulk LPG supply has inherent advantages to industrial users giving them the flexibility and control for using it for multiple applications in an extremely safe manner. Bulk LPG is used extensively by small and medium scale industries like food, ceramic, glass, metal works, dairy and commercial establishments such as hotels and resorts.

LPG is the preferred fuel for applications that demand 'clean burn' such as boilers, ovens and furnaces in hospitality, food and dairy industry; and for direct firing applications in glass and ceramic industry. LP Gas is superior to liquid fuels for environmental and economic reasons. A brief comparison is as follows:

Clean burn: LPG burns very efficiently, with very low combustion emissions, hence no carbon deposits on burner and boiler internals; clean fuel gas emission.
No spillage/ no fumes: Housekeeping is excellent since unlike Diesel, LPG does not stain floors and create noxious fumes. This is especially critical for food industries such as Dairies, Chocolate and Biscuit manufacturers and Hotels. 
No pilferage: Since LPG is stored in a pressurized vessel and utilized vide a closed system; there is no scope for pilferage. 
Higher efficiency: Due to complete combustion, LPG does not leave deposits on heat exchange surfaces, thereby providing higher efficiency of combustion and heat transfer compared to Diesel.

C 200

The C200 Cylinder is the most advanced LPG cylinder designed as per DOT-4BW-250 / ASME Section VIII Division I guideline. Its' state-of-art features are designed to enhance safety, convenience and save cost, making it the perfect solution for hotels, commercial and industrial establishments.

The C200 cylinder is equipped with features like Rochester level gauge, onsite filling, pressure gauge, excess flow check valves and safety relief valves. The C200 aims to address concerns encountered by commercial establishments such as insufficient gas withdrawal from conventional cylinders due to which customers tend to face frequent burner problems. Its' gas level monitor device ensures that you pay for what you use without wastage. This guarantees 100% utilization since there is no leftover gas.  The C200 also eliminate manual cylinder handling and potential leakage from hoses thereby improving the work safety environment considerably.

C 50

50kg LPG cylinders are used by commercial establishments, manufacturing and processing industry such as restaurants, labor camps, canteens, hotels, resorts etc, also for cooking, heating and similar applications.


The ideal LPG solution for the Forklift Truck fleets. F14 has maximum product utilization with liquid withdrawal valve with reduced maintenance cost with prolonged forklift life.